Secure Site

InteliScout uses the latest security measures and techniques as verified monthly through TrustWave to ensure our site adheres to best practices in order to protect the identity and security of our members. InteliScout goes to the expense of hosting the site itself on its own machines, as well as maintaining and updating the hardware and software, to ensure that your personal information, and that of your scouts, is protected.

Registering Minors

In accordance with federal law, InteliScout does not allow minors under 14 years of age to register as members. If you are a parent or legal guardian and want to register a minor for an event you must first register yourself as an InteliScout member, then register your scout for the desired event. You can add your scout's correct name as a participant, but all contact information must be yours, not that of your scout.

Credit Card Information

For your protection, InteliScout does not retain any information received during an online purchase. We realize it is an inconvenience to require you to enter your credit card information every time you make an online purchase, but we feel it is a small price to pay for preventing the possibility of identity theft through our system.

Rest assured, however, that InteliScout uses very high security (128-bit SSL encryption) equivalent to that used by banks, when you pay online.

No Distribution

As stated in our privacy policy, InteliScout does not sell or otherwise distribute any information pertaining to our members. However, with the growth of our membership, InteliScout has occasionally become the target of spoofers. Spoofers send out email SPAM with a false return email address; in our case something from If you receive SPAM from an apparent email address be assured that it did not come from InteliScout. Please, forward such emails to so that the SPAMer can be properly reported.