How InteliScout Works


InteliScout is a free service provided by InteliScout, inc. Our charter is to provide high-quality, easy-to use online event management and registration tools for the Scouting community. While we take the need for security seriously, and do our best protect your confidential information (see our Privacy Policy,) we do require some minimal amount of information such as your unit type (e.g. Cub Den or Scout Troop,) your District and most importantly your Council. This information helps InteliScout to connect you directly to the information you care most about. If you don't know some of this information ask your den, pack, troop, crew or team leader before registering.

Whether you simply want to attend an event or want to become and Event Administrator you will first need to register as an InteliScout user.

Information for Event Participants


To securely serve you we require that all users register with InteliScout before signing up for any events. This is a quick process and we ask few annoying questions as possible. You will be asked to accept our Terms of Use. Once you register you will receive an automatic email from that includes your user name and password. You will need these to log into Once you have logged in we suggest that you change your password.

Important note: Make sure that is listed as a safe sender in your SPAM filter. If you do not receive the email with your user name and password within a few minutes, check the junk folder of your email client. If you find it there, please select it as mark it as being sent by a safe sender. This will allow you to receive important emails about the events you sign up for.

Important note: InteliScout does not allow anyone under the age of 14 to register in compliance with federal law. If you would like your son to attend an event then please register yourself as the contact person or work through your Den, Pack or Troop leader to sign your son up for an event.

After successfully logging into you will be directed to the events occurring in your area. From there it's just a click to the site of the event you would like to attend.

Event Registration

When an event is created by an Event Administrator, he/she may decide to make it a "by invitation only" event to better control the size of the event or make sure that every unit participating supplies instructors, for example. When you try to enter such an event the you will be asked for your event User/Unit Name and Password. If you do not have these then contact the Event Administrator whose email address should be provided on the event's information page.

Other events are open to anyone. For these events, you can use your existing InteliScout registration user name and password, or make up something that is event specific. If you are a contact person for a group, such as several leaders from the same den attending University of Scouting together, then you should make up an event User Name and Password that you don't mind sharing with the rest of your group. For example, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use the same user name and password that you use for your online banking.

While InteliScout strongly suggests that each unit, den, pack, troop, team, crew, etc. appoint a single contact person that represents a group of one or more participants, we recognize that sometimes this may not be desirable. A good example is Merit Badge College where the Scoutmaster prefers to have each scout's parents sign their son up individually. In cases like this, much confusion can be avoided if you create an Event User Name that is derived from your unit number and your last name. For example, Troop911-Smith would be a good choice. That way, everyone from Troop 911 can have their own unique Event User Name while allowing the Event Administrator to quickly determine who from Troop 911 will be attending.

Event Fees

Most events have fees to cover the costs associated with running the event. These fees are determined by the Event Administrator, and there may be any number of types of fees. There may be fees for taking certain classes to cover materials, there may be fees for non-instructor adults to attend that would like a patch. The Event Administrator should spell this out clearly in the information page of the event site.

InteliScout allows for fees to be paid in one of two ways. First, you can pay online using a credit card unless this feature is disabled by the Event Administrator. If this is the payment method you choose then everything is recorded automatically and there is little room for error. Also, the date and time of your payment is recorded and an email sent to the Event Administrator so that proof of payment is assured in the event that a deadline is imposed by the Event Administrator. Wood Badge registration is a common example of the importance of this time stamping.

When you pay online you will notice that a banking fee charge is added to your total. These are the fees that are usually hidden from you anytime you use your credit card. Merchants usually increase their prices by 5-7% to cover these fees and you never see them, but you can be certain that the banks get their cut of every transaction. While InteliScout enjoys the best possible rating from the credit card companies, the credit crunch of the past few years has still hit InteliScout hard since we are not a huge multi-national conglomerate. So, we have no choice but to pass these fees on to you. Rather than trying to hide these fees from you, we think it better to just tell you up-front what the banks will charge InteliScout for your transaction.

InteliScout does not support group members paying for just themselves individually. For this, separate groups are required. However, multiple payments can be made and notes recorded in the database by the group contact person as to who has paid and who has not.

When you pay online you will receive email confirmation as a receipt that will carry a transaction number. This number can be used to track the entire transaction for proof of payment. This is all done securely using to verify your credit card.

Important note: InteliScout does not retain any credit card information. We know this is a bit of an inconvenience at times, but not having any banking-sensitive information in our database is probably the best deterrent to attacks from hackers. In over 15 years of operation we have never been hacked, so why tempt fate now?

The second method is called manual payment. This option is available unless disabled by the Event Administrator. If enabled, InteliScout will allow you print a completed form that can be sent where directed (usually your council office) along with payment. Once the Event Administrator is notified of your manual payment he will have to manually enter your payment into the InteliScout system. Please note that Event Administrators are often very busy people, and sometimes things get overlooked, so be sure to keep copies of everything on the day of the event to prove that you've paid manually.


Other than the banking fees discussed above, InteliScout passes your online payments to wherever dictated by the Event Administrator. This is usually your council office. So, InteliScout's ability to refund your online payments is somewhat limited. For some events, the Event Administrator requires that all refunds come directly from the council office since some or all of the fees may not be reimbursed. However, if your transaction is less than 30 days old and the Event Administrator asks us to credit your card directly, we will make every attempt to do that.

Information for Event Administrators

Being an Event Administrator is a big responsibility. If you've never done it before you're in luck because InteliScout can save you incredible amounts of time and anguish that you would otherwise have to suffer. If you've run large events before then you already know how much time, effort, and even abuse you must endure to produce a successful event. You, we believe, will be the most thrilled with everything InteliScout can do for you. For a full list of features see InteliScout Features.

After 15 years of running and hosting countless large and small events, we may not have seen it all, but we've probably come pretty close. As a result,  we've continually improved our system to cope with everything from family emergencies on event day to losing half your classrooms the night before. We may not solve these problems for you, but we do provide the information you need when you need it to make split second decisions and calm the angry mob.

Learning About Managing Events with InteliScout

If you would like a guided tour of how to manage an event with InteliScout, drop us an email at and we'll do our best to schedule an online walkthrough. This is the quickest way to get up to speed with InteliScout.

For a guided tour you will need the following:

  1. A high-speed interconnect connection
  2. A common web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox
  3. A Skype account. If you don't have a Skype account you can created one for free at

Alternatively, if you have any questions feel free to send them to

Event Creation

In order to ensure that no inappropriate events are created on InteliScout by unscrupulous people, all events must be submitted for approval. This is done by clicking the "Request New Event" link on your council's event page, after you're logged into InteliScout using your personal account. This will take you to a form requesting information about your event that you will submit after completion. Approval usually happens within 24 hours.

Once your event has been approved and your event site created you will receive a confirmation email with important information such as administrator login ID and password. From then on, you will be responsible for populating and managing your event.

Most administrators find that after a few hours they quickly get the hang of how events are managed and find it all very intuitive. But we'll be here to help you at if you are having problems.

Reopening Last Year's Event

We've found that most things, other than participants, stay the same year after year for many events. It would be a shame to have to start from scratch every year. So, InteliScout will keep your events available for at least 24 months so that you can re-open them, update dates, times, locations, class offering, etc., and be up and running for this year in no time.

The Event Creation form discussed above has an option for reopening a prior run event.

Event Online Fee Reimbursements

When event fees are paid by participants online InteliScout keeps the fees in escrow until requested by the Event Administrator. Requests may be made at any time to release the escrowed funds.

Funds are released in one of two ways. First, they can be transferred without charge to any Wells Fargo account. Second, a check is written and mailed to the designated recipient.

Once the funds are released you will receive an email with two attachments. The first attachment is a full accounting of all transactions whose funds are being released including unique transaction ID that can be used to trace the transaction back to its origins. The second attachment is a confirmation of the transfer of funds or generation of the check.

Important note: Generating a check to release escrowed funds may take up to 5 business days.

Important note: For events that support groups of participants with a single event registration, there is no record of payment for the individual group members, only for the group as a whole.

Manual Payments

Manual payments made outside of InteliScout are the responsibility of the Event Administrator to enter into the system. This is done very quickly simply by clicking the participant's name and entering the amount paid.

Event Management Help

It seems that every district and every council have their own nuances for managing certain events. While InteliScout can possibly anticipate them all, we believe we've reached a happy balance between intuitive ease of use and flexible power. So, if there's something you want to do but just can't figure it out drop us an email to and we'll try to give you some tips. If that doesn't work, then we'll consider adding any new features that would make our system better.

Event Closeout

Closing out an event is important because it triggers the distribution of any remaining escrowed event funds (see Event Online Fee Reimbursements above) and also removes the event from your council's active event list. This is easily done with a single mouse click when logged into your event as an administrator.