About Us

InteliScout Stands for Character and Integrity in Business

After more than twenty five years as an executive in the Semiconductor industry, I have met a great many exceptionally bright people from around the world. I am constantly amazed at their creativity, competitiveness, and strong work ethic. But I am equally amazed at the lack of integrity, character, and principals of many of these same people, and I am appalled by how quickly business associates resort to unscrupulous tactics or forfeit their self respect in order to save their job or preserve their corporate standing.

On occasion I have happened upon someone that believes that their honor, character, and integrity real4exam are all that one really has in the end. I have been very fortunate over the years to call some of these people friends, and with few exceptions, these outstanding individuals are, or have been, involved in the Scouting movement. I am in awe when I think of the countless young men and women, that will one day lead of our country, whose lives have somehow been positively influenced by these outstanding individuals. At InteliScout, we intend to remove the hugely time-consuming administrative headaches facing our Scouting leaders in order to enable them to have more of this kind of one-on-one interaction with our Scouts.


Our President and founder while serving on Wood Badge Staff at Philmont, 2000

Our Vision
At InteliScout, our vision is:

"To be the primary source of volunteer Scouting-related event registration and management in America."

Our Mission
Our mission is:

"To provide friendly, secure, and helpful online tools to the greater Scouting community that relieve our leaders of the burden of putting on events thereby helping them to put the outing back into Scouting."

Objectives for Success
To be successful, InteliScout must meet the following objectives:

  1. Every InteliScout employee and stakeholder must be held to the high standards of character and integrity upon which the company was founded.
  2. InteliScout must offer products and services that have significant value for Scouters.
  3. InteliScout must give outstanding technical support to its users.
  4. InteliScout must endeavor to give back to the Scouting community by offering useful services to individuals, units, districts, and councils.
Why is InteliScout Free?
One of the most commonly asked questions of InteliScout is: "Why is InteliScout free?"

InteliScout seeks to serve the greater Scouting community. We feel that we can best meet this need by continuing to be a free service, and finding other nonintrusive means of paying the expenses of providing the best service possible.
David Fritz
President, InteliScout, Inc.